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         Zhucheng Jinyuan Feng Machinery is a professional food machinery and vegetable processing equipment is one of the major manufacturers, business customers across the country, cities and foreign users. Now has a research and development, manufacturing, production, sales of integrated enterprise strength. Our main vegetable washing machine, pasteurizer, aquatic machinery, vacuum packing machines, chili processing machinery, kelp surface processing equipment, air shower series devices.        
The company "customer first, quality first, service integrity, advanced technology, product class" for the purpose, relying on scientific and technological progress, and constantly blaze new trails. The company has strong technical strength and high-quality after-sales service personnel, equipped with a professional engineer to the customer eliminating confusion. Perfect service system, provide equipment installation and commissioning, personnel training, technological innovation and many other services. And a spare parts supply center to ensure timely supply of equipment parts.
         The company will be first-class design, first-class quality, excellent after-sales service to help your business thrive…[Details of access]

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